Roller Maintenance Checklist

The Complete Road Roller Maintenance Checklist You Should Know

Eight routine maintenance checklists for road rollers :

1. Gearbox maintenance

  • The gearbox is cleaned at least once a season. When cleaning, first, in a hot state, unscrew the oil drain plug on the side of the gearbox, release the lubricating oil in the box, screw on the oil plug, and pour kerosene into the box. , Start the diesel engine, let the gearbox run at low speed for 2-3 minutes, stop and drain the kerosene, clean the oil plug and screw it to the gearbox, (Note: The kerosene must be cleaned to prevent the lubricating oil from mixing with residual kerosene and losing the lubricating effect ), and then add new lubricating oil to the oil level to the mark line of the dipstick.
  • No. 20 gear oil is used for the gearbox.
  • It is necessary to check and adjust the positioning device of the shift control mechanism and the reversing mechanism frequently to keep the gears in the proper position to avoid accidents of out-of-gear.
  • Always pay attention to check the leakage of each seal of the gearbox. If the seal is damaged, replace it in time.
  • Frequently check the connecting bolts of the gearbox and the frame, tighten them if necessary, and do not loosen them off.

2. Hydraulic system maintenance

  • Check whether the mounting bolts of filters, valves, motors, oil pumps, cylinders, etc. are loose, and whether there is oil leakage at each joint.
  • Observe the oil level gauge on the side of the oil tank. When the hydraulic oil is too low, add the filtered hydraulic oil of the same brand.
  • The hydraulic oil tank is cleaned once every six months and the oil is changed. When adding or changing oil, be careful not to mix impurities and dirt into the oil tank. The new oil added or changed must be filtered beforehand. The hydraulic oil uses No. 68 anti-wear hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil filter should be cleaned or replaced after every 500 hours of use.

3. Maintenance of vibrating wheel

The vibrating wheel is replaced with lubricating oil every 1000 hours. Check the lubricating oil of the vibrating wheel at any time for leakage; when checking the oil level, turn the oil filling port to the upper side and open the oil drain port to make the oil leak until there is no leakage or less leakage. Change the lubricating oil of the vibrating wheel during maintenance, and pay attention to cleaning when changing the oil. The lubricating oil uses CD grade 30 diesel engine oil. The lubrication and maintenance of the walking bearing should be filled with a sufficient amount of calcium-based grease in the corresponding oil cup after an average of 20 days of use of the whole machine.

4. main clutch maintenance

  • In addition to adjusting the operating mechanism of the main clutch at any time, it should also be checked and adjusted that the ends of the three release levers are located in the same plane, and a certain gap (0.4 ~ 0.7 mm) between the release bearing and the release bearing should be maintained.
  • When the main clutch is engaged and disengaged, it should be smooth and gentle. Do not use excessive force. When the clutch is engaged, the clutch pedal must be returned to the original position to fully engage the clutch. When the clutch is disengaged, the pedal must be depressed to the end to make the clutch Completely disengaged. During operation, the clutch must be prevented from being in a half-clutch and half-engaged state, so as not to burn the clutch.
  • Check the main clutch frequently to avoid oil stains on the surface of the friction plate and pressure plate.

5.Side drive maintenance

Due to the low speed, heavy load, and easy to be contaminated by dust, mud and sand, the side drive should always pay attention to check its lubrication. Regularly remove the mud, sand, fine stone dust and dirt on the gear, and apply a new layer of calcium-based lubrication. Grease, so as to avoid damage accidents.

6. Battery maintenance

  • The battery has been used for a long time. For example, due to improper use and improper maintenance, the common electro-hydraulic specific gravity is low, the voltage is extremely high when charging, and the voltage is extremely low when discharging, and white crystalline particles are found outside the plates to form the battery. “Salt” makes it impossible to use. The battery that is acidified can be restored to normal after 1-2 times of charging with a smaller current.
  • Use an acid hydrometer to check the charging status of the battery pack to see if the battery is fully charged. The specific gravity of the electrolyte should be 1.28 (15oC) when fully charged. If the specific gravity drops to 1.2, you should borrow another power source Charging the battery pack.
  • Under normal conditions, the generator of the diesel engine is sufficient to fully charge the battery, but in winter, the battery pack should always be kept fully charged to avoid freezing.
  • In order to avoid the hardening of the battery electrodes and the generation of sulphuric acid scale, the battery should not be in the discharge state for more than 24 hours. If it is not used temporarily after charging, it should be charged once a week until the battery fully emits bubbles.
  • The surface of the battery must be kept clean. If there is dust or electrolyte flowing out, it is best to wipe it with a cloth soaked in ammonium chloride alcohol or 10% ammonium sulfate solution.

7. Maintenance of diesel engine

  • The maintenance of the diesel engine is carried out according to the operation and maintenance manual of the diesel engine.
  • Lubrication of road roller
  • For the lubrication of the roller, except for the pressure-resistant lithium-based lubricant used at the hinge joints and the two ends of the steering cylinder, the rest use ordinary lubricants.

8. Cleaning, storage and transportation of road roller 1. Cleaning of road roller

  • After each operation of the roller, the dirt and dust must be washed off. At this time, special attention should be paid to the cleaning of the diesel engine, generator, starting motor, fuel injection pump, fuel injector, hydraulic pump, etc., as well as the appearance of the hydraulic pipeline , These areas must be wiped clean with a dry soft cloth.
  • If the roller is parked for a long time, the water in the water tank of the engine must be discharged (in the cold weather in winter, it should be discharged after the work is completed every day). Carefully clean the dirt and dust on the machine, scrub the outer surface of each part and all lubrication holes with kerosene, and inject grease once, and apply butter or anti-rust glue to the unpainted exposed parts.
  • Storage of road rollers
  • The road roller should be stored in a dry warehouse. It is forbidden to store irrelevant items and gasoline. In case it is parked in the open air on a rainy day, the parking floor should be kept dry and it must be covered with a rain-proof cloth.
  • Transportation of road rollers
  • When transporting the roller in a short distance, according to the road conditions, the roller can be driven at high speed by itself. When transporting the roller over long distances, the roller should be transported by a flatbed trailer. During lifting and transportation, the safety locking device on the fuselage is used to lock the frame to prevent relative rotation of the fuselage and frame. At the same time, the roller should be firmly fixed on On the flatbed trailer.

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